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NOT GUILTY Baltimore City Circuit Court Jury Trial

It took less than a day of trial and the jury less than 10 minutes to acquit my client.  I was disappointed because I told the jury they shouldn’t be out more than a few minutes before acquitting.  This was a case where because of the “policy” of the State’s Attorney’s Office, every convicted drug dealing liar gets to use the State’s Attorney’s Office when they have a vendetta against someone. The convicted drug dealer managed to get my client charged in 3 separate cases.  Two of them were investigated and cleared by a detective before a different police officer and Court Commissioners got snookered into issuing charges. When I summonsed the investigating detective and the other officer who investigated those cases to court the prosecutors spoke to them and then dismissed the charges, without even bothering to speak to the “victim” who was sitting in the rear of the courtroom. 

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Prescription Pills and Teenagers

There may be nothing harder than getting through to a teenager who is addicted to pills.  Oxycodone is synthetic heroin.  It does not matter how affluent your family is, heroin is heroin, and it is the ultimate monkey on the back of any person.  Couple that with raw immaturity, and the normal teenage sense of invincibility, and you have a parent’s worst nightmare.  These are becoming the criminal defense attorney’s worst nightmare.  

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Marihuana Addiction And Treatment

I handle a lot of cases involving college students who smoke marihuana everyday.  They sell it in order to supply themselves with weed.  I also see it with men and women in their late 20’s and early 30’s who are now in the work force.  The youngest age for starting marihuana for my clients was age 11.  I had one today tell me she started at age 9.  It leaves you speechless, because she is talking about elementary school.  

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2nd State Trooper whose videos do not match his reports

Yesterday I was in court where the tape and printed word did not match.  But for the fact my client did poorly on 1 of the SFSTS, it would have been a trial.  The tape supported a plea to the lesser offense as there was a medical issue surrounding the breath test.  A second lawyer had a tape from the same trooper.  His client looked like an Olympic gymnast on the tape so his case was dismissed.  How can these guys be stupid and arrogant to do this.  A different trooper expressed his outrage to me about this behavior.  He said troopers like this ruin peoples lives, when they have done nothing wrong.  

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Motion to Suppress

Had an interesting Motion to Suppress yesterday that was granted.  The issue involved the seizure of pills from the console of my client’s vehicle.  We dealt with those drugs before we dealt with the arrest for possession of marihuana.  That too was suppressed, but the pills were more interesting.  Assuming the client was arrested lawfully and the search was valid, was the seizure permissible?  

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