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Each judge in Maryland has their own practice regarding sentencing. In Harford County DUI cases and formerly in Harford County DWI cases, judges have a high expectation regarding treatment before trial. Some judges who did not jail a first offender in a Harford County DWI case will now jail a defendant in a Harford County DUI case. This occurs when they find the treatment inappropriate for the conduct involved in the offense. After the change from DWI (.10) to DUI (.08), when the legal limit was reduced, judges became even much more stringent about the level of treatment. Anyone who thought that Harford County DUI cases would be handled easier than Harford County DWI cases because the defendant was no longer intoxicated, but “is only” under the influence, was mistaken. It is sometimes confusing for defendants to understand the charges because they think in terms of DWI and DUI and don’t understand how they are treated the same if DWI no longer exists in Maryland. With the January 2007 advent of the interlock requirement for a .15 or higher Intoximeter or blood test, the .15 test is viewed as being DWI even though the charge is called a DUI. REMEMBER it is the perception of the sentencing judge that is always paramount. High chemical test results and/or accidents in Harford County DUI cases as well as other jurisdictions in the case require pro-active efforts on the part of counsel and the defendant. On more than one occasion I’ve had to explain to a judge that the client’s previous lawyer mishandled the prior DWI or DUI because no effort was made to educate the client or the court on the appropriate level of treatment. You do not want to fall into that situation so it is necessary that whomever you chose as a lawyer is as concerned about your future as you should be.

I probably represent more out-of-state defendants in Harford County than I do in any other jurisdiction because of I-95. Some judges in Harford County DUI cases have a problem with sentencing defendants who do not live in Maryland. Your home state may not order alcohol treatment until after a DUI conviction, but this is not acceptable to a judge in a Harford County DUI. The supervision structure for out-of-state defendants in Harford County DUI cases varies from judge to judge. This can create a serious problem in your home state with the loss of your license. You must have a lawyer who understands this issue! Many states will revoke your license after a conviction in Harford County for a DUI even when there is an expectation that the conviction will be set aside after treatment is completed in your home state. Your state’s MVA will not hold your suspension in abeyance when there is a Motion for Modification filed in a Harford County DUI case. Our MVA will, but your will not. Once you are suspended or revoked it does not matter that the conviction is later erased.

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