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PART 2- I Can Beat You With One Eye Closed

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2015 | Firm News |

When I was postponing my Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday cases last week, I emailed the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s District Court supervisors to let them know that I was requesting postponements.  I ended with:

“I expect to be back BETTER THAN EVER in Towson District Court on Tuesday morning!”

Well, that was yesterday. To my delight I had a new prosecutor who moved down from Harford County. I was glad to see her and knew I was in for a fight. The supervisor I had emailed was sitting with her at the trial table. I was so happy to be back in court that I would have tried the Osama Bin Laden case to keep from going back to the office or back to having my face planted on the pillow. This was a DUI and I questioned the trooper’s actions when I met with the client. Not surprisingly his report left out something major that he did admit to on cross-examination. His report confirmed he screwed up the SFSTs, multiple colors of the car, charges that were not supported by the evidence. Anyway, it was wonderful. Not guilty and another problem. The client who also had to report this to his job was happier than I was.

As I was leaving I walked over to the supervisor, who is a friend and fabulous lawyer, and said, I told you I would be back better than ever. We both started laughing.

Now the problem, I have 2 wins and no loses in trial while this eye is in the damaged/healing stage. I got a STET today on another case. I commented to my suite mate that if this streak continues while my left eye is healing, I may have to detach the retina in my right eye when my full vision returns to avoid losing a case. On the other hand, the thought of being face down for 24 hours a day in the pillow may bring me back to my senses. I’ll know how many new clients read my Blog, if they ask me about my eyes before retaining me.