Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

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Month: January 2016

The Rules Apply To Me?

Some time ago I get a call from a prospective client referred to me by a friend who is a prosecutor.  So I come well recommended and presumably knowledgeable in the DUI field.  The person calling is an educator who has zillions of meetings to attend.  The educator...

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2016 The Best Lawyers In America

I have received this honor as well.  I get a lot of membership requests for Best Lawyer type organizations, but I turn them down.  Super Lawyers and this are the two I respect the most and think give my potential clients a basis for trusting me to review their cases.

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I tried a case a few weeks ago where the issue was going to be the officer inducing my client not to take the test.  He had an accident avoiding a deer and as a result did poorly on the SFSTs.  I had a witness to the inducement.  However, during his direct exam the...

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