Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

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DUI win in Baltimore City

I prayed a Jury Trial in a DUI in the City.  There are posted protocols for selecting a trial date and they were ignored by everyone so the case gets randomly set for yesterday.  The prosecutor's file from the District Court did not have the Motions I filed to...

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Harford County-“You Never Disappoint”

I was in Harford County the other day with a highly charged case. I won the legal argument and the judge was forced to rule in my favor.  He was pissed as he should have been about the facts and how his hands were tied and he could not impose a 10 year sentence.  He...

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Best Lawyers 2024 And Top Lawyer In The Field

Congratulations again on your recognition by your peers as the 2024 “Lawyer of the Year” in DUI / DWI Defense in Baltimore. Your peers have spoken and named you the singular top lawyer in this field and jurisdiction this year. Today, Best Lawyers has released our 2024...

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Not Guilty DUI- MSP DUI Specialist

You have to know when to run and know when to fold them when you are on the witness stand and you screwed up.  As the bailiff told my client after the case, her lawyer put a beat down on the police officer.  The reason for that was because he was an arrogant prick.  I...

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Not Guilty Of DUI Although She Was Driving At 105 Mph

Client was stopped for driving 105 mph in Baltimore City.  She had been drinking and the officer got her out of the car for SFSTs.  She was really good on the video but she declined the breath test.  EXCEPT, I watched and listened to everything said, especially in the...

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Coming Back Over The Bay Bridge And Moving My Office

My suite mate is retiring so I am moving my office around the corner.  One of the items I packed was an invitation to a friend's swearing in as a District Court judge. As it happens I was coming back from Rehoboth this weekend and as I approached the Bay Bridge I was...

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Read What Your Lawyer Wrote Or What Some Computer Wrote?

All of us use some kind of web designer to get our internet presence up and running.  Now however my Blog could be written by some artificial intelligence program.  That is bullshit. Are you retaining me or the computer program.  Is it coming to court to cross-examine...

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9 Rape Charges, 9 Assault Charges, 9 4th Degree Sex Offense Charges- 1 Misdemeanor Conviction

The police said he confessed!!!  Not so fast Sparky!  If you listened to the second 1/2 of the "Controlled Call" between Police Officer # 1 and my client- he comes out of the jilted lover stupor he was in and basically asks what the hell are you talking about.  He...

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Attempted First Degree Murder Down To Assault And A PJB- How’d That Happen

There was a shooting at Towson University in 2021 and my client was arrested for Attempted First Degree Murder.  The police believed he had a gun and shot 2 students and then himself.  Well they were wrong, but understandably so.  In the chaos, my client was taken to...

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