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Month: December 2016

Court Ordered Interlock Issues Update

I had a Violation of Probation Hearing yesterday in Circuit Court for alleged interlock "failures."  There were none.  The client's first blow was unsuccessful but the subsequent blow was a pass.  I explained to the judge my conversations with the two District Court...

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PBT Not Admissible

While sitting in Howard County last week before my trial, a scrum broke out in court over the admissibility of a PBT result during sentencing.  The judge asked my opinion and I explained to her that it is only admissible at the Office of Administrative Hearings on the...

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Howard County Roadblock- Not Guilty

Last week I tried a roadblock case in Howard County.  The prosecutor thought I was crazy to try it and told me I would get a worse result than the plea that was offered, but I thought there were solid issues regarding the roadblock as well as factually regarding the...

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