Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

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Month: January 2014

Right to Counsel

I watched the Webcast of the oral argument in the Court of Appeals concerning the right to counsel before you agree to take or refuse a breath test.  For almost the last 30 years it has been understood that if you request counsel, you can call a lawyer or be given a...

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Friday was the latest Seminar and the turnout was over 70 people.  There has always been a big turnout for this and years ago when we took it around the State, the total turnout would be around 200+.  There was a Maryland continuing legal education organization...

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Update on Breath Test Suppressed

After an almost two month wait, a supervisor in the State's Attorney's Office in Baltimore City "allowed" a seasoned prosecutor to enter a Nolle Prosequi to the case where my client aced the fields and there was no breath test, and no bad driving.  The trial...

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