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Month: November 2013

Atkinson revisited

One of the most important DUI cases in years was Atkinson.  It set forth the defense of using your vehicle for shelter when you leave a bar or party and are under the influence or impaired.  I hear lawyers talk about the case as a defense anytime a defendant is found...

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Harford County DUI Not Guilty

This one took all of 5 minutes.  There was absolutely no basis for ordering my client from the car for SFSTs, and the judge suppressed them.  The shame of it is that because he refused the test he had to deal with the suspension/interlock.  The MVA standard is...

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Breath Test Suppressed

It is difficult to get trial time in Baltimore City Circuit Court, especially for a misdemeanor.  The dockets range in the 20's to 40's and the judge to whom you are assigned is the judge you have to try the case in front of.  The last time this case was in, we were...

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