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Month: April 2017

Bail in 2017

The criteria for bail has been changed because Attorney General Frosh found that the system of cash bail is unfair to minorities and the poor.  Our Attorney General has been a champion for those in the State who are without power and who areb unfairly targeted, wither...

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Harford County DUI Dismissal

The importance of police KGA Broadcasts can never be underestimated.  My client tells me about his stop and subsequent arrest and I expect I will see the same information in the police report.  I have had cases with this officer before and know what he does EVERY...

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My Criminal Defense Practice

Most of my website focuses on my DUI practice.  If you are contacting me for a DUI through the website, you have probably just returned home from the police station and are looking for a lawyer.  I have decided to add some information on the Home Page about my non DUI...

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