Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

Photo of Gary S. Bernstein

Shoplifting civil settlement

Howard County Not Guilty

It is around 2:00 AM when the phone rings and a former client is at a police station taking a breath test.  He tells me he has blown twice and they wants a third sample.  I tell him either one blow was insufficient or the two are too far apart.  He says no the machine...

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DUI win in Baltimore City

I prayed a Jury Trial in a DUI in the City.  There are posted protocols for selecting a trial date and they were ignored by everyone so the case gets randomly set for yesterday.  The prosecutor's file from the District Court did not have the Motions I filed to...

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Harford County-“You Never Disappoint”

I was in Harford County the other day with a highly charged case. I won the legal argument and the judge was forced to rule in my favor.  He was pissed as he should have been about the facts and how his hands were tied and he could not impose a 10 year sentence.  He...

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