Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

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Month: March 2013

Federal DUI- Not Guilty

Had a good time in Federal Magistrate’s Court. The new JAG Officer told me he wanted to learn from me so he wanted to try the case.  Fine with me.  He had his questions  scripted as a new lawyer does, but that causes any lawyer a problem when the witness does not...

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Treatment Nightmare

No sooner had I posted the previous post when I get a call from a 24 year old who was just charged with a 3rd DUI.  The caller is on probation for the 2nd.  I asked about the treatment for the second DUI and the caller did a weekend at a program. The caller then...

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Treatment Programs

Maryland law requires that the client receive treatment in a “certified” program.  Some programs offer more than what they are certified to do.  Some do not have the proper counselors teaching the “certified” program so that the treatment does not meet the...

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