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Most of my website focuses on my DUI practice.  If you are contacting me for a DUI through the website, you have probably just returned home from the police station and are looking for a lawyer.  I have decided to add some information on the Home Page about my non DUI cases. My criminal practice includes the defense of all drug cases in State and Federal Court.  These cases have a terrible impact on your future, and you have to fight to keep this type of charge from destroying your future.  If you have a substance abuse problem, I deal with it immediately.   I handle all felony and misdemeanor cases from petty theft to murder.  Everyone is entitled to aggressive representation no matter how heinous the offense is viewed.

People do get charged with assault, sexual offenses or child abuse because the complainant or family member has an ulterior motive. These charges are easy to make and people do not want to believe they could be made up. Well sometimes they are, and we have to work hard to uncover the motive and helpful witnesses, so that you are not unjustly convicted. Complainants get social workers, advocates, victim-witness representatives, so that recanting and telling the truth does not become an option because there are too many people invested in the complainant’s “victim” status. Your lawyer is the only advocate and friend that you have in these types of cases. Not every criminal case is winnable, but you need excellent representation to minimize your sentence and the collateral consequences from any conviction.