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It May Be Embarrassing But Tell Me The Truth

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Clients sometimes want to create a new reality.  They do this by not telling the lawyer the truth or all the facts.  They hope it gets hidden that way. I tell everyone I need to know exactly what happened..  I am a really good lawyer according to my peers and clients, and I can deal with the worst facts.  I cannot make chicken salad out of everything, but I can keep us from getting splattered with the alternative.  I don’t want your family to be embarrassed about what may come out in court.  I can control the narrative much of the time.

I understand that you may be reluctant to tell me all the bad stuff the first time we meet.  Just call me back and say “Gary, I should have told you…..”  I am good with that.  I tell clients that when the case is over I get to leave, the complete truth helps insure that you leave with me. It is all privileged- between you and me.  By the way there is NOTHING that you can tell me that would shock or surprise me.  Just trust me is all I ask.  I will give you the best advice to deal with the case, give me the most accurate information to help you and to give you that advice.