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Court Reopening Madness

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Criminal Defense, Drug Charges, DUI, Firm News, Wrongful Death |

Here we go again.  Do we go to the Courthouse or do we do it over Zoom?  Well that depends on where you are going?  And if you are going inside, not everyone will be allowed entry because of social distancing- witnesses and family members will be in parking lots waiting to be called in. THERE IS NO STATEWIDE POLICY.  It is Courthouse to Courthouse.

Anne Arundel Circuit Court announced everyone shows up.  Howard County Circuit Court just sent me a Zoom Notice for a Scheduling Conference.  In Harford County District Court today, the Administrative Judge said that until the State of Emergency is OVER, everything is remote EXCEPT for trials because they have to be in person (A few weeks ago a Baltimore City District Court Judge wanted to hold a zillion witness trial over Zoom if I consented- the case is in open court this coming Monday).

In Harford County all the judges, prosecutors, and public defenders have been vaccinated.  The Judge said this morning that she knows many or most private counsel and witnesses have not been vaccinated and it would be irresponsible to bring people into the courtroom when the same thing can be accomplished remotely.  She held a Zoom Hearing the other day with a defendant who was in INDIA. The Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association is asking the Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals to adopt that policy statewide.

Even though I will be considered fully vaccinated this Saturday, I am not immune to any of the variants and may still get sick.  Because so many people don’t understand that you can’t catch Covid from the vaccine, we will deal with this for months to come.  To those who don’t want to take it:  When you take driver’s education the booklet teaches you what to do at a stop sign.  You don’t stop or not stop in the classroom.  Now when you drive your brain tells you to stop at the sign and you activate the brake.  The vaccine teaches your immune system to respond to the virus IF YOU ENCOUNTER IT (stop sign), by attacking it (applying the brakes).  Donald Trump took the shot so that should tell you it is safe. I enjoyed having a bagel and coffee this morning while waiting for the Zoom Hearing, but I miss going to court, so take the shot and stay safe.