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Fake Google Reviews- Read AVVO

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2021 | Firm News |

I get emails during the week offering to sell me reviews.  Outrageous.  But now I have had 2 fake one star but no comment reviews posted by the husband of a client I represented who is PISSED at me, and the former landlord of a client who is being sued by her.  The husband is also pissed at his wife’s domestic attorney and has posted fake reviews all over the place.  Google refuses to remove them!  I told Google the name attached to the one star has never been a client and in fact has no case on Case Search!  It doesn’t matter to Google as they will publish any fake review pro or con. My clients post on AVVO and they don’t sell reviews.  My response to Ms. Mastellone, the landlady is as follows:

Ms. Mastellone is the former landlord of my client. My client was required to move because Ms. Mastellone’s dog attacked her. Ms. Mastellone promised to pay my client her $400.00 deposit if she moved, but then reneged and is waiting to be sued by my client for the deposit. Ms Mastellone has been blowing up my phone and email demanding that my client return and take items left in the refrigerator and other items that were concealed by her when my client moved. She has also demanded the return of items that are not hers. She somehow thinks that I have a duty to her and not to my client. This unbalanced behavior as represented by her posting one Star when I don’t represent her should be addressed by her husband and family.