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Anne Arundel County Not Guilty

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2021 | Criminal Defense, DUI, Firm News, White Collar Criminal Defense |

I tried a DUI in Anne Arundel County yesterday.  This was the police officer’s first ever DUI, so even though we were offered the DWI with a PBJ recommendation, I knew that was the worst possible outcome after a trial.  The officer was like any first time witness, uncomfortable and nervous.  He did not answer questions in detail so I only asked a few questions on cross examination.The Judge said that she knew my client was guilty of DWI but that the State had failed to prove it.  Fortunately, I had also won his MVA Hearing.  He signed the Expungement paperwork and this will be removed from the Judiciary and law enforcement sites.

He texted me later to thank me for helping get his life back in Order.  A gratifying result.