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Administrative Hearings for .08, .15 and Above, and Refusals – Employer’s Vehicle Exception

I posted to the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney's List serve the new Employer's Vehicle Exception Form.  Years ago I had  posted the form letter for an employer to write so that the client did not have to ask for a Hearing.  I have been surprised to learn how many lawyers did not know that you did not have to have an Administrative Hearing to get this exception and charged clients to attend the Hearing and ask for the Exception.  They were completely unaware that the statute provided for the client to just have the employer write a letter to the MVA.  You did not and do not need a Hearing!  You merely had to have the employer write a letter that is specifically set out in the statute and take it to the MVA along with the paper work showing the interlock was installed.  You did not need to pay a lawyer- you did not need someone to drive you to and from the Hearing- you did not need someone to drive your car to the interlock installer- you did not need someone to then drive you to the MVA to turn in the paperwork to get the interlock restricted license- and you did not need someone to drive you back to your car.  You could have then and now driven yourself to the interlock installer and then drive yourself to the MVA to get the license.  The wasted attorney's fees as well as the time and inconvenience to the client and the someone who had to do the driving in unfortunate and wrong.

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