Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

Photo of Gary S. Bernstein

Year: 2011

Videotape Scam

I just finished a case where the state trooper put the client in front of the CLIENT’S car for the SFSTS.  Huh???  The client was tall enough that you could see some of the movement of the head and torso. Otherwise, you might as well have turned the camera off.  The...

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Interlock update

A repeat offender with breath test of .08-.14 who has a prior .08-.14 in the last 5 years is now interlock eligible without a Hearing.  That is because the offender is no longer eligible for a restricted driver’s license.  That does not mean that the ALJs are going to...

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Harford County Not Guilty

Harford County has the reputation of being a tough jurisdiction to try a DUI, especially in the District Court.  I have obtained not guilty verdicts in jury trials because I don’t try many of these in the District Court.  The last trial in the District Court took 2...

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Motion to Suppress

Had an interesting Motion to Suppress yesterday that was granted.  The issue involved the seizure of pills from the console of my client’s vehicle.  We dealt with those drugs before we dealt with the arrest for possession of marihuana.  That too was suppressed, but...

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Many lawyers are having problems figuring out the issues a driver charged with DUI who holds a CDL.  AN INTERLOCK IS A SUSPENSION AND YOU LOSE YOUR CDL.  A PBJ FOR DUI OR PER SE LOSES YOUR CDL. If you blow a .15 or above take the 90 day hit, and then you get your CDL...

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