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2nd State Trooper whose videos do not match his reports

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2011 | DUI |

Yesterday I was in court where the tape and printed word did not match.  But for the fact my client did poorly on 1 of the SFSTS, it would have been a trial.  The tape supported a plea to the lesser offense as there was a medical issue surrounding the breath test.  A second lawyer had a tape from the same trooper.  His client looked like an Olympic gymnast on the tape so his case was dismissed.  How can these guys be stupid and arrogant to do this.  A different trooper expressed his outrage to me about this behavior.  He said troopers like this ruin peoples lives, when they have done nothing wrong.  My guess is they are using previously prepared reports and revising the observations.  My client spoke so clearly, it was a joke, yet he was deemed to have “slurred speech.”  The video and the report will be kept for the next time, as I might as well start a new collection. Innocent people and honest police are the victims of this kind of bogus behavior.