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Marihuana Addiction And Treatment

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2012 | Drug Charges |

I handle a lot of cases involving college students who smoke marihuana everyday.  They sell it in order to supply themselves with weed.  I also see it with men and women in their late 20’s and early 30’s who are now in the work force.  The youngest age for starting marihuana for my clients was age 11.  I had one today tell me she started at age 9.  It leaves you speechless, because she is talking about elementary school.  I have had great success with one of the treatment programs here in Towson.  I have sent enough marihuana clients there, that they are able to focus on it’s addictive qualities and help these kids learn how to stop using.  It is difficult for kids with ADHD because the weed slows them down.  I had a client with high blood pressure and marihuana is the only thing that helped him.  Of course when the police busted his growing room, it sent his blood pressure way higher than normal.  He could have smoked an ounce and not gotten his pressure down.  The bottom line is that it is illegal and prosecuted.  Our Governor will not sign a medical marihuana dispensary bill because it violates federal law.  California dispensaries have been prosecuted in Federal Court.  I don’t know many drug prosecutors who give a damn about marihuana, but they are charged with the responsibility to prosecute the cases presented to them.  It is incumbent to get these “addicts” immediately into treatment.  Even though they don’t think they are “addicts,” if you smoke it everyday, you are addicted.  No different than any other substance like cookies, tobacco, or alcohol. If you handle the case like a substance abuse case, both judges and prosecutors will treat it as such.