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Update to Prescription Pills and Teenagers

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2012 | Criminal Defense |

I got the client a second probation here to go along with the 2 in another county-that totals 4. All the judges agreed to modify to a PBJ if successful on probation. My client gave a nice speech to the judge about being clean, living in a sober house, working, going to meetings everyday, and regaining his family’s trust. That was on a Monday……….On Wednesday I get an email that he was arrested for Burglary on TUESDAY. In the car they find items stole in a Burglary the preceding Friday (3 days before the second case). He has now plead to the Burglaries- both violate the first probation I got him- the second violates the day before probation. In the car was also a bottle of or a stolen prescription for 180 Oxys. He just got probation and a drug court recommendation on the new Burglaries, but I am not too sure the 2 judges over here are going to go along with that program when they see him for his VOP. The prosecutor here is completely pissed off about the lying in court, and the words “drug court” are not coming out of her mouth. So much time and effort spent by everyone trying to help this kid, but his addiction ate him up.

Now the other teenager has gone to multiple rehabs and is now in an eight month program including a transitional living facility. Too soon to know if he will spew the same bullshit, but the State has agreed not to prosecute him if he keeps clean and lawful. He has to supply a monthly urinalysis so he has no wiggle room. Everybody is again hoping for success.