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“You hired a really good lawyer”

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2012 | DUI |

I had a trooper today who now operates a non-video car.  My last case was when he had a video and the charges were dismissed after reviewing the video.  When the prosecutor told him I wanted a trial he was visibly displeased.  Unlike his previous aggressive roadside behavior, he was quiet and calm on the witness stand.  My client did very well on the SFSTs.  The trooper gave the wrong instructions, meaning my client did even better than expected. Verdict was not guilty on all except speeding.  While my client was in the hallway after the trial, the trooper came up to him and said “you hired a real good lawyer.”  I appreciate the compliment, but my clients expect me to be a really good lawyer.  In fact, one of the State Police breath technicians took my card a few weeks ago after a NG.  Another nice compliment.