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Treatment Nightmare

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2013 | DUI |

No sooner had I posted the previous post when I get a call from a 24 year old who was just charged with a 3rd DUI.  The caller is on probation for the 2nd.  I asked about the treatment for the second DUI and the caller did a weekend at a program. The caller then chose  the 26 week Aftercare instead of the 48 week Aftercare.  I had a problem with this same program allowing the clients to chose how little treatment they wanted to do, and it was understood that my clients did the 48 week Aftercare that judges expected.  A patient with cancer does not dictate how many radiation treatments he or she takes.  The doctor determines that based on his medical school training and protocol, but this treatment program abdicated its responsibility to the client.  No wonder the caller just violated probation.  It is also another reason I do not refer anyone to this program, but have to allow existing clients to finish. The caller was advised to speak to her family about attending a 28-day in-patient at Gaudenzia and living in the halfway house thereafter.  The caller is just a kid and already has a 3rd DUI.  She did not take her problem seriously and the treatment program did not either, nor did it care.