Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

Photo of Gary S. Bernstein

Year: 2014

The Trainer Was The Breath Tech

If you read my previous post about the lying rookie and his trainer, you understand what the title means.  The other day, I return to the same courtroom, but this time the MDTA officer was experienced and the trainer was the breath tech.  Another good video that did...

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Craziest DUI Defense Compliment Ever

I see a new client yesterday, the daughter of a former client.  I did not remember the specifics of his case or family dynamics, but remembered his wife was very unhappy with his arrest.  He tells me that she is going to be angry that I will represent their daughter...

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There are really not that many police who you catch in a lie.  Most are honest and let the chips fall where they may.  The ones who do lie are cynics who have become disillusioned and just want everyone they suspect of a crime convicted.  When you are this way on what...

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Dismissal of DUI

I had a DUI today with another new prosecutor.  She called me last week about a postponement and I asked her to watch the video.  She did so over the weekend, and this morning she agreed that if she was not brand new, she would drop the DUI.  She needed her supervisor...

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Atkinson Update

The third time must be the charm.  I have previously written about a case I have in Baltimore City where the car is parallel parked and is being used as a shelter to drink beer in front of the house where the drinkers are spending the night.  There is no intention to...

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