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Friday was the latest Seminar and the turnout was over 70 people.  There has always been a big turnout for this and years ago when we took it around the State, the total turnout would be around 200+.  There was a Maryland continuing legal education organization (MICPEL) then and we were the second biggest draw.  I stumbled upon a 1989 VHS tape of the program we did at University of Baltimore School of Law that I might convert to a DVD and watch to see how things have changed.

One thing everyone learned is that DUI defense is not easy and it has become very technical.  Just taking somebody’s money and going in and pleading them still happens way too often.  I still hear pleas the first thing in the morning on cases that should be tried.  So much goes into the investigation and preparation of these cases, and you have to be willing and want to do the work.  There is no more fun in the work world than trying a case. I have a 4 defense-witness trial tomorrow, provided we don’t get a snow day.  I have no idea who the judge is, but I have a case that I think it winnable and there is no way I am accepting a plea to any DUI charge.  If convicted we will take an appeal and win it in the Circuit Court.  I know of 2 lawyers from the Seminar who intend to come and watch the trial tomorrow.  I expect that by the time we start, the prosecutors and public defenders who have finished their dockets will sit in to watch as well.  I hope the snow holds off as tomorrow should be fun.