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Another MDTA Caught on Video

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2015 | DUI |

Deja Vu  all over again!  Same Courthouse, different prosecutor, different cop.  Same bullshit.  Another video that does not show all the bad driving described.  This MDTA officer tried to explain it by saying he waited until after all the bad stuff happened before putting on the video camera, a 30 second delay or 5 City blocks (1/2 mile). Lots of bad stuff in that 1/2 mile!!!!, but no more bad stuff for the next 3-5 miles.  When I pointed that out, the State rehabilitated this bullshit by having him testify that it took the camera another 30 seconds to warm up and turn on, and he was still making observations.

Unfortunately he forgot that his report under oath said the bad driving occurred at an exit 3 past where the client entered 695.  In his sworn testimony in court, he said that my client entered 695 at a particular location and that he saw the bad driving there and THEN put on the camera.  He does not put the camera on until AFTER ​he sees multiple acts of bad driving.  The video ACTUALLY shows the camera ON when my client enters 695 and merges over in front of the officer, and travels the entire way to the stop without running up on the shoulder, etc...

Unlike the rookie in the last case, this genius has been an MDTA Officer for 2 years, made EXACTLY 51 DUI stops, and arrested everyone of them.   He was so proud of himself.  Now I have to add another MDTA file to the 50 pounds of law in the trunk to cross examine this piece of work, the next time I see him.

Anne Arundel County would do itself a favor if it withdrew the permission of the MDTA to patrol its portion of 695 and 97, and used real police officers who the State and defense can trust.