Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

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Year: 2016

Court Ordered Interlock Issues Update

I had a Violation of Probation Hearing yesterday in Circuit Court for alleged interlock "failures."  There were none.  The client's first blow was unsuccessful but the subsequent blow was a pass.  I explained to the judge my conversations with the two District Court...

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Howard County Roadblock- Not Guilty

Last week I tried a roadblock case in Howard County.  The prosecutor thought I was crazy to try it and told me I would get a worse result than the plea that was offered, but I thought there were solid issues regarding the roadblock as well as factually regarding the...

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PBT Not Admissible

While sitting in Howard County last week before my trial, a scrum broke out in court over the admissibility of a PBT result during sentencing.  The judge asked my opinion and I explained to her that it is only admissible at the Office of Administrative Hearings on the...

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First Body Cam Case- Not Guilty

I leaned over to my client near the end of the trial and said that the police report and the officer's testimony in response to the State's questions have you a falling down drunk.  When I got done the judge agreed there was not enough evidence to arrest him and threw...

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Interlock Issues

My client's 2016 Cadillac is having issues because of low voltage.  The newer cars are going to have more and more issues as the interlock technology cannot keep up.  She takes videos of the malfunctions to keep the MVA from treating it as a failure and adding a...

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Noah’s Law

Effective October 1 there will be major changes to Administrative penalties regarding the breath test.  For those reading this now if you blow between .08-.14 you face a 45 day loss of license or a 45 day restricted license for a first offense.  Beginning October 1st...

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