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Don’t make promises

by | Jun 8, 2020 | Criminal Defense, Drug Charges, DUI, Firm News |

I was just retained by a new client.  She had partially paid another lawyer who told her she had a 40% chance of getting the case dismissed.  This soothsayer has not seen the police report nor the Body Camera footage.  He could not tell you who the prosecutor is going to be and why he or she would dismiss it with a 60% chance of going forward.  He couldn’t tell you who the judge is that the prosecutor is going to think will find the client Not Guilty. Bottom life is, he doesn’t know a damn thing about the case, but sought to take advantage of a frightened client.  I didn’t know about her talking to this prophet until we had finished the interview and discussing the case.  She asked me about a percentage and I told her there is no percentage.  She liked my honesty and then told me about Mr. 40%- a rising star in the Super Lawyers listings. I guess he will achieve full status when he can give a 100% percent prediction.  My 100% prediction is that there is NO PREDICTION.

An absolute disgrace to do this to the client.  He’ll keep the payment he got for his time.  He sullied his reputation and she won’t be bashful telling people.  If he calls me I’ll explain it to him as well- that is a 100% prediction.