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COVID Scheduling Madness May Resume

by | Dec 1, 2020 | Criminal Defense, Drug Charges, DUI |

I went to court today and there was no change in the cases being heard. Mine was a Leaving the Scene that might not qualify under Phase 2 guidelines. I was told to expect a change that would be announced next week. I just had two April 2021cases reset for December 15, 2020- 2 weeks away, so they may be moving DUIs back and postponing non-DUI and non- Assault cases into next year.

It is bad enough that 2 felony shooting cases are now postponed and the clients remain in jail.  Of course I can’t get Discovery in Baltimore County as it is voluminous and the staff is working remotely.  Still I had planned to use every weekend to go through it and be ready on January 11th. Now he will just sit and we will get a new date months from now.