Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

Photo of Gary S. Bernstein

Two jury trials scheduled yesterday but 2 Motions to Suppress the arrests.  I had a really good prosecutor, but I also had the better of the evidence.  The first involved an MDTA officer who was out of his jurisdiction when he stopped my client.  He first saw my client in his jurisdiction but saw no traffic infractions.  On a hunch he followed him until he saw one and pulled him over.  It was not Hot or Fresh Pursuit, it was just a let me see what he does.  He lacked police powers in Baltimore County so the Motion was granted and the case dismissed.

The second involved a speeding stop where my client’s SFSTs were as good as last weeks.  I decided to waive the jury trial and do a court trial with the same judge as above.  He had been a District Court judge for years and has seen hundreds of SFSTs.  I told him this was the third time in 2 week I was going to use  the  unverified quote from Groucho.  He agreed that the SFSTs were excellent.  No clues on the One-Leg Stand, not even the always present sway.  The client did everything else perfectly as well.  Not Guilty.

No donut celebration.  Just the good feeling that I took care of my people and that the right verdict was reached in each case.