Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

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Year: 2022

Handgun Dismissal

The last blog was about reading the statute.  READ the case law as well.  I had a client on his way to target practice with an unloaded gun in the glove box and the bullets in a case in the trunk.  The officer who stoped him for a traffic violation saw the gun and got...

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Not Guilty Baltimore County Jury Trial

Read the statute!  It just might not apply to the client's illegal conduct.  I was hired after the client discharged the Public Defender.  The prosecutor had the file dumped on him at the last moment and offered 18 months in the County Jail or Hime Detention.  My...

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Harford County Jury Acquits in Leaving the Scene of Accident Resulting in Death and DUI

There was no excitement or smiles after the jury acquitted my client at 7:30 Friday night of the dozen charges brought against him for a July 2020 accident where a wonderful son and friend lost his life. First, about the victim, Alessandro Lori. He was the kind of kid...

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