Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

Photo of Gary S. Bernstein

All of us use some kind of web designer to get our internet presence up and running.  Now however my Blog could be written by some artificial intelligence program.  That is bullshit. Are you retaining me or the computer program.  Is it coming to court to cross-examine Police Officer #1? Yesterday a friend sent me an essay written by one of these programs. He gave it an idea and it produced a Grade A term paper.  If I did that would you really have a feel for whom I am?  How you react to my Blog is a factor in whether you call or not.  One thing is for sure- you know who you are calling as you get an unvarnished personal post from me.  No machine can put the emotion in the Blog. My frankness may turn some prospective clients off and I accept that.  But for those who call they know who they are getting to represent them and the passion only a human being can bring.