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Harford County DUI Dismissal

Friday afternoon I finally said to the prosecutor, as we discussed for the second straight day the DUI case against my client, that we had talked about this case longer than the jury will be out before finding my client not guilty.  He laughed and agreed so this morning the DUI was dismissed.  Why did a case that originated in August take until April to get resolved with a dismissal?  It is because of the process and policy.  My client was asleep on a parking lot when the police woke him up.  There was a six pack of beer in the vehicle.  There was an empty bottle outside the driver's door and an empty in the six pack.  There were 4 unopened beers.  My client refused the breath test because his union newspaper (which I had) advised against taking a test.  I had evidence that I shared with the State to show that he drank at the parking lot ONLY, and was not drinking before he got there.

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Another MDTA Caught on Video

Deja Vu  all over again!  Same Courthouse, different prosecutor, different cop.  Same bullshit.  Another video that does not show all the bad driving described.  This MDTA officer tried to explain it by saying he waited until after all the bad stuff happened before putting on the video camera, a 30 second delay or 5 City blocks (1/2 mile). Lots of bad stuff in that 1/2 mile!!!!, but no more bad stuff for the next 3-5 miles.  When I pointed that out, the State rehabilitated this bullshit by having him testify that it took the camera another 30 seconds to warm up and turn on, and he was still making observations.

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