Tough Times Call For Tough Representation

Photo of Gary S. Bernstein

Year: 2012

“You hired a really good lawyer”

I had a trooper today who now operates a non-video car.  My last case was when he had a video and the charges were dismissed after reviewing the video.  When the prosecutor told him I wanted a trial he was visibly displeased.  Unlike his previous aggressive roadside...

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NG Driving Under The Influence of Drugs

One of the basic rules of prosecution is that you need some evidence in order to convict. Unfortunately there are times when because of the client’s record, the State decides to take a shot. It is arguable whether this is correct, but having been a young prosecutor...

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Howard County DUI Not Guilty

A very interesting and intellectually enjoyable trial in Howard County District Court. A smart judge and a smart prosecutor. Everything was litigated- the SFSTs and the admissibility of the breath test.It was a one witness case that took an hour and a half to try. An...

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